Members of your team who have access to all of the features in your organization. They can:

  • Record and moderate Remote LiveShare sessions
  • Edit snippets
  • Watch full-length recordings
  • Download recordings (on available plans)
  • Change privacy settings of projects and recordings (on available plans)
  • Add notes and chat during Remote LiveShare sessions and on full-length recordings
  • Add and remove organization members
  • Change members' roles (between collaborator and observer)
  • Manage the organization's billing
  • And more  


Members of your team who are just watching and chatting on content on Lookback, rather than creating it. They can:

However, Observers can't record, moderate, take over as moderator during a live session, download, or edit sessions.


Every organization has one owner – they can do everything collaborators can do including the ability to:

  • Manage the organization's billing
  • Add and remove organization members
  • Change organization members' roles
  • Switch ownership to another organization member
  • Move recordings between organizations
  • Change organization-wide settings, such as SSO and default private projects (on available plans)
  • Delete the organization

How do I change someone’s role? 

Collaborators and observers’ roles can be managed from the Members page of your organization. Navigate here by clicking on the account dropdown at the top of your dashboard and selecting Members. 

To promote an observer to a collaborator, you will need to ensure you have available collaborator licenses. See How do collaborator licenses work.

To make someone else the owner of your organization check out this article - How can I transfer account ownership?

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