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live player loading slowly when at home, work, or when scanning

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Sometimes you may notice when jumping around in a video the live player loads video slowly. This is almost always caused by slow internet speeds or a lack of bandwidth availability. All video in the live player is streaming directly from our servers to you so when you hop around in a video we have to buffer some time ahead of where you currently selected to ensure that the video will play back smoothly. Unlike services such as YouTube, Lookback does not currently offer dynamic quality shifting based on your connection quality and speeds. Many users are reviewing small UI elements or rely on a clear and crisp images to ensure they understand what participants are doing, looking at, and clicking/tapping on.ย 

This means that when your connection is slow or saturated such as when you are working from home and other people are using the same connection, connecting to us from areas with a weak WiFi connection, or various other scenarios the live player may load slowly when you're jumping around in the video.

We recommend either ensuring others are not using high bandwidth requirement applications (video streaming, torrenting, downloading, etc.), or that you directly download* the video as you can then review it in a video player of your choice and move around as quickly as you would like.
โ€‹*Please note: downloading is not available on our free trial or our legacy Starter plans

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