You might want to test a low-fidelity prototype or a confidential website that can't be shared publicly. With 'Moderator Screen Share' you can share anything on your laptop/desktop screen, just for the duration of a remote LiveShare. The participant can see what you chose to share but has no access to your device, nor are they able to take control of your machine.

💡 Before you Start

  1. Create a LiveShare Round within a Project.

  2. Remember to close any other windows or Apps that you don't want the participant to see

  3. Start moderating LiveShare session as you normally would.

Time to share you screen

  • Just click the 'screen icon', beside the mic and camera icon.

Choose from 3 ways to share your screen

Based on you project, you can choose one of these ways to share your screen with the participant:

1. Your entire screen

  • Click on the image of the screen you'd like to share and then click 'Share'.

🚀 Pro Tip! If you have 2 screens make sure to choose the right screen.

2. Application window

  • If you choose to share an 'Application window', you can also resize the window to match the device that your participant is on. This is a great option, especially if your participant is viewing your screen on a mobile device.

  • Choose the App window you'd like to share and then click 'Share'.

🚀 Pro Tip! You can prep in advance by opening up the App window you'd like to share, before you start the session.

3. Chrome tab

  • Choose the Chrome Tab you'd like to share and then click 'Share'.

When your screen is being shared you'll see a notification similar to this.

Meanwhile on the participant's side

  • On Desktop: Your screen will show up immediately in the Participant's Chrome window, as soon as you start sharing.

  • On iOS and Android: Be sure your participant has the Participate App open and in-view. Your screen will automatically be shown as a takeover. 

Stop sharing your screen

At any point during the remote LiveShare you can decide to stop sharing your screen with the participant:

  • Either click the 'Screen icon' again to stop sharing

  • Or click the 'Stop Sharing' button on the tiny banner notification.

One last thing

  • Once you're done testing, remember to end your session as you normally would - by clicking 'End Session'.

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