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How to share your screen with a participant during a research session

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Screen sharing has become a practically indispensable part of usability testing. In some scenarios though, you might want to test a low-fidelity prototype or a confidential website – something that can't be shared publicly, something you need to control the access to – without actually letting the participant interact with it. This way the moderator remains in full control of the content. This is possible in our two moderated round/session types Interview and LiveShare. This article will show you how you do moderator screen sharing.

πŸ’‘ Before you Start

  1. Remember to close/disable any windows, apps or notifications that you don't want your participant to see during the session.

To share your screen

1. Click the Screen icon at the lower end in the player ((see below)

2. Choose from 3 ways to share your screen. Based on your project, you have the following options on how to share your screen with the participant:

  • Your entire screen

    Click on the image of the screen you'd like to share and then click 'Share'.

πŸš€ Pro Tip! If you have 2 screens make sure to choose the right screen.

  • The application window

    This option gives you the possibility to resize the window to optimize for the device your participant is using. This is particularly helpful if your participant is viewing your screen on a mobile device (quite small screen) – with this option the participant can at least flip the mobile to better match the typical landscape mode of a desktop screen. So, just choose the App window you'd like to share and then click 'Share'.

πŸš€ Pro Tip! You can prep in advance by opening up the App window you'd like to share, before you start the session.

  • Chrome tab

    Just choose the Chrome Tab you'd like to share and then click 'Share'. While your screen is being shared you'll see a notification like this.

Meanwhile on the participant's side ...

  • On Desktop: Your screen will show up immediately in the Participant's Chrome window, as soon as you start sharing.

  • On iOS and Android: Be sure your participant has the Participate App open and in-view. Your screen will automatically be shown as a takeover.Β 

To stop sharing your screen

At any point during the remote LiveShare you can decide to stop sharing your screen with the participant, one of two ways:

  • Click the same Screen icon you clicked on to share your screen to stop sharing it

  • Click the 'Stop Sharing' button on the tiny banner notification, that should be visible at the lower end of the screen (unless you've moved it yourself).

Remember to end the session

  • Once you're done testing, remember to end your session as you normally would - by clicking 'End Session'. The participant can also end the session at their end.

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