For Desktop/Laptop research, a Participate Chrome Extension is used to record the screen, audio, and camera of the participant doing the test - in the case of 'SelfTests' and 'Remote LiveShares'.

And in the case of 'In-Person LiveShares' - the Participate Chrome extension is used to record the screen, audio, and camera of the Researcher's In-Person desktop device.

This is how it works:

For Participants

  • First make sure you have the latest version of Chrome Browser installed on the Desktop/Laptop that you plan to use for the test.
  • To start testing, you'll receive a participant link from your point of contact (usually the researcher). It looks like this:

  • When you click that link in your Chrome desktop browser, you'll see this:

  • After installing the extension, you can start testing by hitting 'Get started':

  • A new window will open with instructions on how to start the test.
    Now you're ready to start testing!

For Researchers

Researchers require the Participate Chrome Extension to carry out Desktop In-Person LiveShares.

Create a Round within a Project 

Prepare your test device

When you Participant Arrives

  • Then click on 'Start Now'

You're now all set to start an In-person LiveShare on Desktop/Laptop! Hand over the device to the participant .

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