As of July 2019, Moderators using iOS devices can now log in to their Lookback dashboard and start an in-person test directly from their iPhone or iPad. No more cables or links. Just download Participate 4, log into your account, and follow the flow.

Our In-Person mode is integrated into our platform, making it possible to start a recording session instantly without any use of an app or other complex equipment. 

In-Person also allows for real-time streaming to your teammates. This means that you can take advantage of all the collaboration Live has to offer, including timestamped note taking, chat with teammates etc.

In-Person recording is compatible with most Desktop, iOs and Android devices and can be both Live streamed or recorded locally.

How do I get started?

Just login and start the session:

  • Create a desktop project
  • Look for the "In-Person" button in the top right portion of your Lookback dashboard
  • Follow the prompts to install our Chrome extension in order to record
  • Get your test participant ready and start recording
  • Stop the session and upload when finished
  • The session appears in the project

In-Person recordings allows for:

  • Instant recording sessions with the click of a button on your dashboard! 
  • Less complicated setup (no need to download an app or to use complex camera equipment)
  • Live streaming option with Cloud Recording
  • Local Recording option: upload your session at full quality after it completes, instead of doing it in real-time during the session. Lets you research on bad internet connections

Additional In Person options:

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