In-Person LiveShare is integrated into our platform, making it possible to start recording an In-Person LiveShare session instantly without the use of any complex equipment.

In-Person LiveShare also allows for real-time streaming to your teammates. This means that you can take advantage of all the collaboration LiveShare has to offer, including timestamped note taking, chatting with teammates etc.

Before the Participant Arrives:

Create a Round within a Project 

Invite Observers

  • Click into the relevant 'Project.'
  • Click on the 'LiveShare Link' button beside the relevant 'Round.'
  • Copy the 'Link for Observers.'

Fun Fact: We use the same tech for Remote LiveShares and In-Person LiveShares. Which is why the same 'Observer Link' can be used by Observers to observer In-Person LiveShares as well!

Prepare your test device

When your Participant Arrives:

  • And choose 'Start In-Person.'
  • Then click on 'Start Now.'

Hand over the device to the participant 


Help the participant follow the prompts and grant permissions:

  • In the window that pops up, choose the appropriate camera and mic and click 'Start New Session.'

  • Name your session and click 'Continue.'
  • In the window that pops up, click on the image of the screen that you'd like to record and then click 'Share.'

Pro Tip: 'Share' button greyed out? Just re-check that you've clicked the image of your screen in the window above. Voila!  

  • Now the participant will be taken to your 'Landing Page' (if you've added one) and you're ready to conduct your In-PersonLiveShare.

Time to Test

  • You know the drill. Go ahead and give your participant instructions and tasks.
  • At this point your Observers can also start Observing the session by clicking the 'Live' tab.

Tip: Need your participant to key in login credentials or add some confidential info? Request them to click 'Pause' to pause recording and streaming to your Observers. Then they can click 'Resume' to continue testing.

End your In-Person LiveShare

  • This is all-important!
  • When the test is all done, request your participant to click 'End.' 
  • Make sure they click 'End Session' again to reconfirm.
  • Remember your test has been uploaded to your dashboard only if you see this screen, that says, 'Great job! The session is over.'
  • Congratulations! You've successfully competed a Desktop In-Person LiveShare!
  • Finally, close all the windows associated with this test, to make sure you can start your next Desktop In-Person LiveShare without any problems.

Additional In Person options:

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