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Can I send a link to a participant during a moderated session?
Can I send a link to a participant during a moderated session?
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Sometimes when doing moderated usability testing with a participant, you might want to send them a link during your session for a number of reasons:

  • You don't want your participant to click on the link(s) prematurely

  • You're using a dynamic link that can't be generated ahead of the session

With Moderator Push Links, you can send other links to your participant during the session.

πŸš€ Moderator Push Links are available on the following round types and devices:

To Push a Link to Your Participant

While moderating a session, if you need your participant to visit a link, simply:

  1. Click the link icon (2 chain links) in the moderator controls at the bottom of your screen

  2. Paste/type in the link/URL that you want them to visit into the field at the bottom of your moderator screen where it says, Auto-open link in participant's browser:

  3. Click the Open button

The link you've sent will now open automatically on the participant's device; they won't need to do anything else to access it.


Normally the participant shouldn't need to do anything to access the link(s) you push to them. But, depending on the participant's browser extensions and/or settings, the push links might not work. The most common issues come from the browser's built in pop-up blocker and ad-blocking extensions. Below are some steps to try if one of those is interfering.

Pop-up blocker

Most browsers have a built-in setting to block pop-up windows. If this setting is too strict, it may be what's interfering when you try to push a link to your participant. To allow pop-ups for Lookback:

  1. In the address bar, click on the site settings icon > βš™οΈ Site Settings

  2. Scroll down until you see Pop-ups and redirects and make sure it's set to Allow

  3. For more information about Chrome's pop-up settings, see their help article here.

Ad-blocking extension

If your participant is using an ad-blocking extension (e.g. AdBlock, Adblock Plus, etc), it could incorrectly identify the pushed site as an ad. Have them check their ad-blocker and either temporarily disable it or configure it to exclude the site

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