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Can I send a link to a participant during a moderated session?
Can I send a link to a participant during a moderated session?
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Sometimes when doing moderated usability testing with a participant, you might want to send them a link during your session for a number of reasons:

  • You don't want your participant to click on the link(s) prematurely

  • You're using a dynamic link that can't be generated ahead of the session

With Moderator Push Links, you can send other links to your participant during the session.

πŸš€ Moderator Push Links are available on the following round types and devices:

While moderating a session, if you need your participant to visit a link, simply:

  1. Click the link icon (2 chain links) in the moderator controls at the bottom of your screen

  2. Paste/type in the link/URL that you want them to visit into the field at the bottom of your moderator screen where it says, Auto-open link in participant's browser:

  3. Click the Open button

The link you've sent will now open automatically on the participant's device; they won't need to do anything else to access it.

❗ If the participant has closed the session window, they will need to unblock pop-ups for the browser in order for the url to open a new window.

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