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This help article covers the beta version or Eureka, an AI powered sidekick that summarizes sessions for quick overview and insights finding

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Eureka is your AI powered UXR sidekick to help you pull valuable insights from your research.

πŸš€ In order to accommodate the new content generated by Eureka, we split the Session feed into two tabs, but filtering and exports are not affected.

  • Notes, chat, highlights, and insights from the Insight Button can all be found in the left tab Feed.

  • Transcripts and Eureka Headlines can be found in the right hand tab - Transcription. You don't have to switch tabs to take notes or generate insights from the right hand tab.

NEW: You can now create a new note from the transcript, and you can toggle the side-by-side view to seamlessly take notes while viewing the transcript and Eureka moments.


Headlines - are scannable summaries of what is happening in the session that allow you to review an entire hour long interview or usability test in less than a minute.
Headlines should generate automatically, without your intervention, shortly after your session is finished. It works in three steps:

  1. We identify session language (using your selection from the round setup)

  2. We auto-transcribe the session

  3. Eureka uses the session transcript to generate Headlines. You can follow this progress under the Eureka Button in your player view:

❗ If our tech fails to recognize session language automatically, you'll have to identify the language and initiate the transcription manually - as per how you'd normally do it before Eureka. Otherwise the rest of the process will stall. We are working on minimizing the need for manual transcription so please bear with us as we find the best way forward!

Insight Button

The Insight Button - creates moments whenever someone, (moderator or observer), clicks on the button located at the bottom right of the screen, during a live session or during post-session review of the recording.

When this button (1) is clicked, Eureka identifies the start and end of the moment, summarizing it as a note (2), so you don't need to be precise with times. Once you click on the button, it will take a few seconds for Eureka to analyze the moment and save it as an insight in the Feed tab, alongside highlights, chats, and timestamped notes. You can also easily edit any Eureka insights for accuracy just like you would any other note.

πŸš€ When the Insight Button is clicked during a live session (before the session has been transcribed), you'll see it listed at the timestamp with "Eureka will analyze this moment."

Once the session is finished and transcribed, all of these insights will be populated with data from the transcripts.


Create notes from Headlines and the transcription

We've made it easier to create notes directly from the transcription or a Eureka headline during session replay

  1. Click the 3-dot menu next to a headline or moment in the transcript

  2. Select "Create note"

  3. A new, editable note will be added to the feed at that moment in time

Side-by-side feed and transcription

The Player now has a side-by-side view:

During replay, toggle this on to seamlessly take notes while viewing the transcript and your Eureka moments.

Please keep an eye on our Eureka Roadmap and What's New Page for updates as we continue to build out new functionality for Eureka.
Happy researching and please reach out to our support team if you run into any issues with Eureka or have any questions!

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