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Troubleshooting moderator camera and microphone issues
Troubleshooting moderator camera and microphone issues

Troubleshooting errors and issues connecting camera or microphone when moderating a session

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If you've been warned that you may have a possible issue with your Camera, Microphone or both while attempting to moderate a live session via the Lookback website please try these troubleshooting tips:

Troubleshooting steps:

  • Check the camera and mic are correctly connected and not blocked by any software on your system. Close all other software / apps before starting a Lookback session.

  • Occasionally the browser can lose access to devices, even if it appears to work elsewhere. Restarting your Chrome browser will make sure this is not the problem.

  • Please check the inputs in your operating system settings. Adjusting the mic input volume on the OS, for example, can sometimes resolve issues with the microphone.

  • If none of the above work, we recommend you click on "Secure" to the left side of the URL in Chrome and disable and re-enable your Camera and Microphone.

If you aren't able to change your settings this way, this article explains how you can re-enable permission.

If you are still having issues then a full system reboot may work or you can contact us to try and help diagnose the problem.

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