How to upload a video file to Lookback?

Upload videos to your Lookback dashboard for easy organization and team collaboration.

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If you've recorded a research session using another tool, now you can upload it to your Lookback dashboard to consolidate all of your research in one place, and take full advantage of Lookback’s time-stamped note-taking, highlight creation, and team collaboration features.

If you’re on our Freelance, Team, or Insights Hub plans, please be aware that uploading a video will count towards your session limit and reduce your number of available sessions. Enterprise customers are free to upload an unlimited number of videos.

Available on the following plans

  • Trial

  • Freelance

  • Team

  • Insights Hub

  • Enterprise

  • Starter (Legacy Plan)

  • Pro (Legacy Plan)

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How to upload a video

  1. Navigate to the desired Round.

  2. Click the 3-dot icon on the far right.

  3. Select Upload video…

  4. Navigate to the video file you want to upload.

  5. While the file is uploading, enter the session’s information:

    1. Title (required)

    2. Description (optional)

    3. Session date (required) - the date the session took place

    4. Device type (required)

  6. The Upload to round button will become when all required information is entered and after the video is 100% uploaded.

Video processing time

Important: your newly created session will take a few minutes to process before it can be viewed. Processing time varies based on the file size and format. You will receive an email when the video is ready to be viewed, or if it failed to process.

Note: if the uploaded video fails to process, it will not count against your session limit.

File size limits and formats

The maximum upload file size is 100 GB. We support the following video file formats:

  • MPEG-4 (.mp4, .m4v)

  • Matroska (.mkv)

  • QuickTime (.mov, .qt)

  • WebM (.webm)

  • ASF / WMW (.wmv)

  • AVI (.avi)

You can use a free tool like Handbrake to convert unsupported files to one of the above formats.

Please note: audio-only files are not currently supported, even if they are one of the file formats listed above.

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