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Lookback and User Interviews have developed a powerful integration to help you access, automate, and manage your participants.

You'll find a special link to get started with the integration near Participant Links in the Lookback Dashboard. All you'll need to do is activate the integration in User Interviews and paste your Lookback participate links into your User Interviews flow.

Need Help?

Lookback Support

If you need assistance with setting up your Lookback project or rounds, please reach out using the help icon/chat bubble to the right or by emailing

πŸ’‘Please note: Scheduled/pending sessions will not show up in the Lookback dashboard until the participant has initiated the session from their side.

User Interviews Support

If you need help with User Interviews, you can start by checking out their most frequently asked questions on their support page here.

If you need to reach one of our friends on the User Interviews support team, please see this page to find the appropriate email address specific to your question.

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