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How to sign up for a free student plan
How to sign up for a free student plan
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Lookback offers a free student plan for students in UX courses that have been registered and approved by Lookback. With this offer we hope to give UXR students an opportunity to improve in their field of expertise and increase the hands-on skills needed as a UX researcher.

  • The teacher of the UX course should be the one applying for the free student program. If your teacher has not yet registered your course, the sign-up form is available here.

  • If your course has been successfully registered with the program, your teacher will have received coupons that give a one time 100% off on one of our annual Freelance plans.

  • PLEASE NOTE: The coupon code is only good for the first year of your Lookback subscription. Being a subscription, it will auto-renew at the end of your billing cycle (1 year after you sign up). If you don't cancel your subscription prior to your renewal date, you will be charged full price for the next year.

Here's what you do to sign up, as a student, if the course you're enrolled in has been approved for Lookback's free student offer:

  1. Get your coupon from your teacher.

  2. Sign up for a free trial

  3. Go to billing settings and choose a plan

  4. Select the plan you've been approved for (Freelance 10, Freelance 20, or Freelance 40)

  5. Apply the coupon BEFORE completing the checkout flow. If you don't, your credit card will be charged.

We truly hope that this program will help students on their path to become UXR specialists.

Best of luck, and happy researching!

Please note that your coupon is valid for one use only. We can only keep providing Lookback for free as long as everyone respects that this program is for students of registered courses. If this trust is abused any any way the whole course will be disqualified from the program.

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