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Email template – LiveShare Android (Screen Readers)
Email template – LiveShare Android (Screen Readers)

Designed specifically for Participants requiring SRUs

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Hey [Participant First Name],

Thanks for your willingness to participate in our research study. Please read this email carefully as it contains important information you need to know for this project.

Call Time & Date: [Start time - End time] on [Date]

Researcher: [Name]

Compensation: [Details of Compensation]

As soon as you receive this email:

  • We’re going to be chatting with you using the Participate App. The app will let me see your screen and your face. We will also be able to communicate verbally.

  • To prepare for our session, please view this email on your device and follow this link to install the app.

Preparing for your session:

  1. Make sure your phone is more than halfway charged before your session time

  2. Keep your phone charger nearby during the session (particularly if you cannot charge your phone before your session

  3. Make sure your screen curtain is turned off so the researcher can see and record your screen during the session

  4. From your Android device, follow this link to check that you’re on a strong internet connection. Please do not use a cellular connection! We recommend at least 5Mbps available both for uploading and downloading, and a wifi connection.

  5. Disable any notifications and close any other apps that might reveal sensitive information (passwords, personal conversations, etc.). The conferencing tool we’ll use will record everything on your screen.

  6. Turn on Talkback "Display Speech Output" setting so that I can follow the output of your screen reader during the session.

    1. Open the “Settings” App

    2. Scroll down to Accessibility and tap on it

    3. Tap on Talkback

    4. Tap on Settings

    5. Tap on Advanced settings

    6. Scroll down to Developer Settings and tap on it

    7. Find Display Speech Output and make sure it’s set to ON

When you’re ready to begin:

  1. Close any apps and website with sensitive info like passwords, banking information, etc.

  2. Open up this link: << LINK >> on your Android mobile phone

  3. Enter your name and email address and tap "Next"

    🚀 Note to researchers: If you prefer anonymity, instruct Participants to enter their name as P1, 2,... and their email can simply be

  4. Make sure the 'Allow' notifications toggle button is ON

  5. Make sure the 'Enable' camera toggle button is ON

  6. Tap "Start Now" and then "Next"

  7. Once you get to the screen that says: “All set. We're just waiting for the other party to join,” please keep the app open while you wait for me to connect with you

  8. Around the start time of our interview, you should get a request in the app saying I'm trying to call you. Please hit “Answer” so we can begin.

Note: If you cannot successfully join the session using the Participate App or you have sound/connection issues, please call me at the following number: [HERE].

Things to keep in mind during the session:

  • Be prepared to talk aloud about what you’re thinking and experiencing as you complete tasks. I will not be able to hear your screen reader so it’s important that you help him/her follow along more easily.

  • You have to be in the Participate App to turn off the screen sharing feature or end the call. If you need to do either at any point during the session, you’ll have to switch back to the Participate App first.

Things to keep in mind after your session

  • Once your session ends, you’ll need to return to the Participate app to end the session and call. Please use your mobile phone's application switcher feature to re-open the Participate app and end the call

  • You can uninstall the Participate app after your session.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to chatting with you!


[Researcher’s First Name]

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