Can we have multiple moderators in the same session?

How to change moderators during a live session

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Sometimes during a research session, it can be helpful to have multiple moderators. For example, there may be instances where one of your colleagues (e.g. Product Manager, Designer, or Engineer) has their own line of questions or you may be working with a research partner who is leading the second half of a call.

While it is not currently possible in Lookback to have multiple people act as moderators at the same time, someone else can start out by observing the session and then take over the moderator role later.

In order for another person to take over as moderator during a session, they first need to be added as a Team Member of your Lookback Organisation.

  • For Team and Insights Hub Plans, you will add them as a Member

  • For Starter, Pro, and Enterprise Plans, you add them as a Collaborator

Changing moderators during a session

  1. The person who will moderate the session first (Moderator 1) will click on Join when the participant is ready and then click Start moderating to start the session with the participant.

  2. When the other moderator (Moderator 2) joins the session, they will join as an Observer can only observe the session

  3. If Moderator 2 would like to start moderating, they need to click on their avatar at the top right and then click Start Moderating. If/when Moderator 1 (or someone else observing) needs to take over moderating duties, they simply follow the same steps outlined above.

πŸš€ To help minimize any awkwardness for the participant, we recommend that the original Moderator clearly informs the Participant about the moderator switch before letting another moderator take over.

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