If you are on a legacy plan (Starter or Pro) and want to upgrade to one of our new pricing plans, here's how!

  • Sign into Lookback as the Owner of the Lookback Org

  • Click the dropdown menu on the top right corner of the page

  • Click 'Billing'

  • The following page will appear

  • Click on 'Manage Subscription'

  • Click on 'Update Plan'

  • Select your plan. "Team" includes 100 sessions and "Insights Hub" includes 300 sessions that can be used anytime during the year

  • Re-check the amount due and the payment method (The remaining days in your current Billing Cycle will be taken into consideration and you'll only be charged the pro-rated amount)

  • Click 'Confirm' to upgrade

**Note that any outstanding credit on your legacy plan will be applied to the balance due of your new plan.

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