All Lookback members can watch both Live sessions and previously recorded sessions. You can also make time-stamped notes and send text-chat messages to the moderator and others who are observing, while the session is active.

First off: Register as a Lookback member

  • Check your email inbox and Accept the invitation to be a member
  • This will take you to the Lookback website where you need to set a password of your choice (and verify your email). That's it! Once that's done, you're registered as a member.

Pro Tip! If you've been invited to observe a LiveShare session remember to register before the scheduled time.

If you are observing a LiveShare session

Prepare to observe a LiveShare session

Make sure you:

At the scheduled time

  • Open the link via the url field in the Google Chrome Browser on a Desktop/Laptop.
  • If the participant has already joined the LiveShare session you'll see it highlighted in green โ€“ within the specific Project
  • You'll also be able to access the session if you click the Live tab.
  • Click Join
  • If the moderator has already joined the session, on the left of your screen you'll see the participant's screen and face camera recording. You should then be able to hear the Participant and Moderator speaking to each other.
  • If it's a Remote LiveShare (remote) session, you'll be able to see the names of others who are watching, as well as the moderator, on the top right corner of your screen.
  • If it's an In-person LiveShare (moderator & participant are in the same room) session, you'll only notice the names of others who are watching on the top right corner of your screen.

๐Ÿ˜€ Fun Fact! Participants won't know you're watching. It's a โ€œbehind the glassโ€ lab-style experience.

Taking Notes, Chatting and creating Highlights During a LiveShare Session

During a Live session, you can communicate with the moderator and other who are watching via chat messages. You can also add time stamped Notes and create Highlights using the 'Session Feed' on the right.

@metion team-members in a Note or Chat to draw their attention during the session and also trigger an email with a link to the the specific Note or Chat.

๐Ÿš€ Pro Tip! Too much happening in your 'Session Feed'?
Turn on Focus Mode or apply filters to focus only on the Notes, Chats and Highlights that are important to you.

  • Chat is for you and your team to discuss the session in general. It's also a place for others who are observing the session to ask you questions. The whole team can view the chat later along with the full-length recording, but these messages won't show up on the participant's screen or on the timeline. So chat away!
  • Notes can be used to annotate the current LiveShare session. All notes are saved with a timestamp, so you'll be able to easily find the moment in the session where you added the Note, when you watch the full-length recording.
  • Highlights are short video snippets that you can extract to use in a summary or send to stakeholders. To create a highlight during a LiveShare, just make a 'Note' and then click the โ˜ผ sun icon to convert the Note into a Highlight. You can edit the length of the Highlight later while you're reviewing the session.

    ๐Ÿš€ Pro Tips! Just click the ellipsis ๏ธ™ to edit the contents or timestamps of your your Notes or Chats.

If you are watching a previously recorded session

  • Find the link that the moderator sent for you to watch the previously recorded session.
  • Access the link via the Google Chrome Browser on a Desktop/Laptop.
  • You'll be taken to the Player view, where you can view the participant's screen and face camera recording and hear the conversation between the participant and moderator.
  • You may also see Notes, Chats and Highlights added by other team-members

Adding Notes and creating Highlights in a Previously Recorded Session

  • @mention members in Notes if necessary.
  • Click the timestamp beside a Note, Highlight or Transcription to automatically move the playhead to that point in the recording!

๐Ÿš€ Pro Tip! Adjust the playback speed of recordings by clicking the 'clock' icon beside the timeline, if necessary.

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