When using Lookback from home as either the moderator or Participant you may see errors such as "Failed to Fetch". These errors mean that somewhere between you and Lookback there is a firewall blocking your connection.

If you're working from home and connecting via your office's VPN or using a VPN and seeing errors such as the one above you'll need to ask your network administrator to review our article on firewall troubleshooting for IT teams.

If they are unavailable for some reason, we recommend disconnecting from the VPN during the session and while using Lookback until they have implemented the changes above as long as it does not violate any security policies.

Most users connecting from their home internet will not encounter firewall related issues unless you or your ISP have some sort of irregular router or network configuration. If you do encounter errors such as "Failed to Fetch" we recommend you talk to whoever at your home manages the router to see if anything is being blocked. If not you may need to talk to your ISP to make sure that certain types of connections or connections to specific regions are not being blocked.

We cannot directly help with router configurations as there are simply too many models and configurations, but we can provide you with some details regarding how our systems try to establish a connection.

Our live streaming clients (for both IPv4 and IPv6) attempt to connect to our servers via a number of ports, as well as both UDP and TCP.

When configuring your firewall the most performant ports to allow are 19305 - 19309 via UDP. We suggest opening ports in the following order of preference: 

UDP ports 19305 - 19309
TCP port 19305
TCP port 22466
TCP port 443

If you're certain you aren't connected via your company's VPN,  

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