Let us walk you through it!

2. Click on the Invite to Remote button beside the relevant Round.

3. Copy the Participant link and send it to your participants, most often using e-mail. We have some example e-mail templates for inviting participants that can be good to use as a starting point.

The For LiveShare only...

  • A participant who clicks on the Participant Link will be prompted to download Lookback's app (for mobile participants) or Chrome extension (for desktop participants), called Participate. We recommend downloading as close to the scheduled session as possible (ideally 10 minutes or so) – Lookback updates the software frequently to fix bugs, introduce new features and such, and we want to prevent participants from encountering a bug because they're using an outdated version of the app or extension.

  • After the app/extension is installed, and the participant link is clicked again, the participant will click I already have Participate, and then go through a few quick setup steps to grant permission to record screen, camera and audio. Once done, All set – we're just waiting for the other party to join is shown, which effectively means the participant is now in the virtual waiting room.

  • On the moderator side, the moderator now sees a corresponding prompt to Start moderating/Call the participant.

  • When the Moderator clicks "Call Participant", the Participant accepts the call, the moderator-participant connection is established.


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