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  • Copy the Participant link and share it with Participants via an email.

💡 Fun fact! A unique interview room is created for each participant who clicks on a Participant link, so you never have to worry about one participant interfering with a different session. You can have multiple (separate) sessions in a 'Round' with the same link.


For Live Share only...

When participants click on the Participant Link, they will be prompted to download Lookback's Participate App (mobile) or Chrome extension (desktop) for their device. We recommend downloading immediately before the session (10 minutes or so to allow for setup), instead of a day ahead of time. Lookback releases updates frequently to fix bugs, introduce new features, and we want to prevent participants from encountering a bug because they're using an outdated version of the app or extension. the app or extension. After the app/extension is installed, and the Participant clicks the link again.


Participants are taken through quick setup steps on the app/extension to grant permission to record their screen, camera and audio. Then they will be shown a screen that says "All set. We're just waiting for the other party to join." 

At this point, the Moderator will be notified on their Dashboard, click Call Participant, the Participant accepts the call, and now you're all set for your research session.

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