A Remote LiveShare test is a remote, moderated test, where you can see and speak to the researcher during the test. The researcher will also be able to see, you, hear you and observe your screen while you test their app, website or prototype on your desktop/laptop.

Quick Prep

Install the Participate Chrome Extension

  • Using the Chrome browser, open the test link that the researcher sent you.
  • Click Install extension when prompted to install Lookback's Participate Chrome Extension. It'll just take a few steps.
  • When you're taken to the Chrome Web Store, click Add to Chrome.

  • Read the notification and give permission to Add extension.
  • Now that you're all set - you'll see a welcome message from the researcher.
  • Go ahead and click Get started.

Indicate who you are

  • Key in your name and email address for the researcher. It's not for us, it's for the researchers purposes of knowing who completed the test and potential compensation. 

Enable mic

  • Check your headphones are connected properly and choose a mic from the dropdown menu. Remember you can't continue the test without enabling mic.

Enable camera

  • Enabling camera is optional, but highly recommended, so you can see the researcher. If you choose to skip this step you won't be able to enable camera later on in the session.

Share screen

  • The main aim of the test is for the researcher to observe how you interact with their website/app/ prototype. So 'screen recording' is required.
    Click Share screen. This only allows the researcher to see and record your screen. Don't worry, they can't control anything on your screen.

Tip: remember to close any other websites or apps that have confidential info, before you share your screen!

  • In the window that pops up select the the image of your desktop/laptop screen and click Share to proceed.

Tip: Share button greyed out? Just click the the image of your desktop/laptop screen in the window above. Presto!

The researcher will join you soon

  • If you see a screen that says "All set. We're just waiting for the other party to join." 
  • Just keep these windows open and wait for a little while. We'll ping the researcher/moderator to tell them you're ready and waiting!
  • When the researcher calls you at the specified time, via Chrome just click Accept to answer their call.

Time to test

  • Now you can see the researcher/moderator on your screen. And they can see you on theirs! 

Just FYI...

  • If the researcher would like to to test a website or url-based prototype they may have set a landing page in the large Chrome window. 
  • If the researcher would like you to test a Desktop App, just navigate away from the Chrome window to the app you're required to test. But remember - don't close the Chrome window.

Tip! Click 'Pause' if you need to key in confidential info such as login credentials

Remember to end the test

  • When it's time to end the test, (navigate back to the Participate App if necessary) and click End and then click End session again to reconfirm.
  • You are officially done when you see a screen that says 'Thanks for participating!"
  • Now you can close all the windows associated with the test and even delete Participate app if you do not have more upcoming tests planned.


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