A Remote LiveShare test is a remote, moderated test, where you'll have the opportunity to see and speak to the xResearcher during the test. In turn the Researcher will be able to see, you, hear you and observe your screen while you test their app, website or prototype.

To start with:

  • Remember the 'Participant Link' (Invitation / Testing Link) the Researcher provided to join the Remote LiveShare session? Find it and keep it open in a window on your Android device. You'll need it twice. It should look something like https://participate.lookback.io/alpahnumeric-code?live 
  • Check you're on a strong WiFi Connection .
  • Find your headphones with a built-in microphone for audio clarity.
  • Choose a quiet environment for your Remote LiveShare test.

Just before the scheduled time:

  • Tap (click) the participate link that the researcher sent you.
  • If you are using Participate for the first time (that's if it's not been installed on your phone before), you'll be asked to "Install Participate" app on your Android Phone from the Google Play Store.
  • Tap "Install" in the Google Play Store  to install Lookback's "Participate" app. If you don't find the app in the Google Play Store, it probably means that your Android device is incompatible

Return to the Participant Link

  • Now that the "Participate" App has been installed,  just go back and tap the Participant link (Invitation link) that the researcher sent you. 
  • This time around, tap "I already have Participate."
  • Go ahead and tap "Get Started" if you agree to record and upload your test experience. Here's our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, if you're interested.

Connect your headset!

 Headphones with a built-in microphone are essential. They reduce background noise and prevent echo. Tap "Next" once you've connected your headset.

Tell us who you are

  • Provide your name and email address for the Researcher. Worry not - Lookback doesn't use this info.  
  • If the Researcher doesn't require you to share your real information, just get creative and make something up! (It's ok as long as your email address follows the format something@something.something)

Toggle to enable camera, mic and screen recording

  • Sharing your camera and mic allows the Researcher to see your facial reactions to their design and speak to you over a direct voice call. 
  • "Allowing" camera recording is optional.  But, remember, you can't choose to turn on camera, once the session begins, though.
  • You must "Allow" mic recording to proceed, though.
  • Screen recording is also required to proceed.
  • Tip! Before you enable screen recording, remember to close any apps or websites with sensitive info (like passwords etc), that you may have open on your phone, as Participate records everything that's displayed on your screen. 
  • Then swipe the toggle button beside 'Screen' and click "Start now", followed by "Next".

The Moderator will join you soon

  • If you see a screen that says "All set. We're just waiting for the other party to join", that's great. It means you're on track.
  • Just hold tight and keep your "Participate" App open. The Researcher/Moderator will be notified that you're ready and waiting!
  •  When the Researcher/Moderator calls you at the specified time, via the Participate App just tap "Accept" to answer their call.

Time to Test

  • Ta-da! Now you can see the Researcher/Moderator on your screen. And they can see you on theirs! Your "Live" session is officially underway.
  • Now follow the directions provided by your Researcher/Moderator over the call.
  • Just FYI...
    - 'Landing Page' will take you to the website or prototype you'll be testing
    - '
    Instructions' will list out the Researcher's tasks and instructions
    - 'Pause Session'
    will help you Pause or End the test.
  • You can navigate back to the Participate App at any time to browse through the 'Instructions' again or 'Pause' the test.

Tip! If you're testing an App, just navigate away from the "Participate App" to the App you're required to test. (But remember - don't close the Participate App!)

Remember to End the test

  • When it's time to end the test, (navigate back to the Participate App if necessary) tap "Pause Session".  
  • And then tap "End Session".
  • Not done, just yet! 
  • Tap 'End Session' again to reconfirm.
  • Awesome! Now are you are officially  "Done". You can close the Participate App, the Browser and any other Apps you may have used during the test.
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