We don't offer discounts to students directly, but there are a couple of options for students to gain access without paying full price, via the institutions at which they are registered. Firstly, read about our free student plan. Apart from that, there's also an educational discount, also applied for only by the institution, rather than individuals.

Educational Institutions (e.g. Universities, Colleges)

Currently, we offer a 25% off, discount, valid on all subscription plans for educational institutions only, and valid for one year. In other words, this educational discount could only be applied for by the institution itself, and then offered by adding team members to that Lookback organisation.


Similarly, we offer non-profit organizations a 25% off discount, valid on all subscription plans, and valid for one year. We only ask that you educate and help people in your community make a career for themselves within UX (user experience) research. 

Please get in touch with us if you're interested in the non-profit or education discount.

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