Every time your credit/debit card on file is charged, a billing receipt is automatically sent to your registered billing email address. Subscription renewal reminders as well as failed payment notifications also go to that same e-mail.

โ—๏ธPlease note the following:

  • Updating your organization's billing email address is possible on our self-serve plans: Freelance, Team, and Insights Hub, as well as our legacy plans Starter and Pro.

  • Only the owner of a Lookback can manage billing and change themselves or request the change of the billing e-mail

  • The person with the billing email will not be able to access the billing portal, make changes, or request any past receipts (Unless of course the billing email is the same as the owner email).

Here's how the org owner can change the billing e-mail:

  1. Click the dropdown menu on the top right corner of the page

  2. Click 'Billing'.

  3. Click 'Manage Subscription'

  4. Click 'Update Information' under 'Billing Information'.

  5. Change the Billing Email address, and remember to and click 'Save'.

Do you need more than one person registered as billing email?

It's not uncommon that the owner of a Lookback organisation just heads up research and doesn't manage payments โ€“ for that purpose, the billing email can optionally be different to the owner email. You can also have an additional email added as a recipient to renewal notices, notifications of failed payments and billing receipts that are otherwise sent exclusively to the billing email. Adding an extra billing email needs to be done manually by Lookback though, so, if you want that, please:

  • have the owner of your Lookback organization log in and send such a request via chat or

  • send an email directly from the owner's email to support@lookback.io


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