A SelfTest is a remote, unmoderated test that you carry out for the Researcher at a time that's convenient to you

Take a minute to get ready :

  • Make sure you are on a compatible device and iOS version. You'll need iOS 12.2 and up of official releases. No beta versions. If your iOS device has the right iOS version - it will be compatible with Lookback.
  • Read the communication from the Researcher and locate the participate link (invitation link) that the Researcher provided you to carry out the SelfTest. Keep it open in a window on your iPhone/iPad - as you may need to access it more than once. It should look something like https://participate.lookback.io/alpahnumeric
  • Make sure you are on a good WiFi Connection.
  • Pick up your headphones with a built-in microphone.
  • Find a quiet spot to start the test

The Participate App and permissions:

Install Participate 

  • Tap the participate link (invitation link) that the researcher sent you.
  • If you are using the Participate App for the first time (it hasn't been downloaded onto your phone), you will be asked to "Install Participate" app on your iPhone/iPad from the App Store.
  • In the App Store tap "GET" to install the app for the first time or the "Cloud icon" to download it again:
  • Once the app has downloaded, 'OPEN' it from the App Store. Once you open it, you'll be asked to reconfirm that you've been invited to a Research Session. Tap "Yes".
  • Then go back and tap the Participate link (Invitation link) that the researcher sent you again. This time click "I already have Participate."
  • By choosing "Participate" you agree to record and upload your experience. Here are our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy if you'd like to review them. 

Connect your headset!

  • Make sure to do this before the session begins. Headphones with a built-in mic will help reduce background noise and improve sound quality. (If you start the session using bluetooth headsets, Apple kind of locks you into that audio mode and there's no way to switch to speaker in case your Bluetooth battery dies.)
  • Tap "Next" once you have done this.

Tell us who you are

  • Fill in your name and an email address. Lookback doesn't use this info. It just goes straight to the Researcher once you complete the session. If you don't want to give your real name and email, just make something up (as long as your email follows the format something@something.something).

Allow Notifications

  • This is just for us to alert you if there's a technical glitch during the session. Don't worry - we won't send any other kind of push notifications. Fell free to skip this step if necessary. 

Turn on your camera 

  • You can choose if you'd like to share your camera with the Researcher. This allows them to see your face and your reactions to their design.  If you do not want to share camera, you can decide to skip. But remember, you can't enable your camera again, once the session begins.

Enable screen and mic recording

The Participate app will capture your screen and audio recording during the session. Participate will only record during the session, once you close the app, audio and video recording will stop.

  1. Check Mic is On. Red means "On"
  2. Tap "Start Broadcast". This starts recording the session 
  3. Wait for 3 seconds

Start your testing session:

  • See the bubble with the 'Yellow hand icon'? During the session, tap it to go to the website/prototype that you're testing; or use it to pause or resume the session. Now is your chance to practice using the bubble.
  • Then tap  the Bubble with the "Yellow Hand icon" to "Start" your test.
  • Read the Researcher's instructions and  tap the Bubble with the "Hand icon" again to be taken to our website / prototype that you're testing. 
  • If you are testing another App, just go to your Home Screen and navigate to the external App specified by the Researcher. When you're done with the external App, remember to navigate back to the Participate App.
  • If you need to refer to the Researcher's instructions again, tap the Bubble with the "Yellow Hand icon".
  • If you’d like to pause the test at any point,  tap "Pause" on the "Instructions Screen". Tap "Resume" to continue testing.

Upload your session:

  • Once you've completed the test, you can end the session by tapping the red button (or red bar) on the top of your screen.
  • Tap "Stop" to reconfirm that you'd like to end the session.
  • Go ahead and tap "Yes, end Session" to end your session.

  •  Yay! You're all done. Thank you for taking the time to do an unmoderated test.

Troubleshooting Tip:

Why can't I start a Participate session on iOS?

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