A SelfTest is a remote, unmoderated test that you carry out for the Researcher at a time that's convenient to you

Take a minute to prep

  • Go through the communication from the Researcher and find the Participate link (invitation link) to carry out the SelfTest. Keep it open in a window on your phone, as you'll need it more than once. It should look something like https://participate.lookback.io/alpahnumeric
  • Ensure you are on a steady and strong WiFi connection
  • Connect your phone to headphones with a built-in microphone. This reduces background noise and enhances sound quality.
  • Pick a quiet place to start the test

Install Lookback's Participate App

  • Tap the participate link (invitation link) that the researcher sent you.
  • If you are using the Participate App for the first time (if it hasn't been installed on your phone), you will be asked to 'Install Participate' app on your phone from the Google Play store.
  • This will direct you to the Google Play app store. Tap 'Install' to download the app to your phone. If you can't seem to find the app in the Google Play Store, it could possibly mean that your device is not compatible.

Go back to the Participant Link

  • Once the Participate App has been successfully installed, go back and tap the Participate link (invitation link) that the Researcher sent you again. 
  • However this time click 'I already have Participate.'
  • Now tap "Get Started" if you agree to record and upload your test experience. Here are links to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, in case you'd like to have a look. 

Next, connect your headset!

It's important to use headphones with a built-in microphone. They reduce background noise and cut out echo. Tap "Next" once you've connected your headset.

Tell us who you are

  • Key in your name and email address. This info is for the Researcher - Lookback doesn't use it.
  • It is possible to use a pseudonym and fake email (something@something.com) if you aren't required to share your real information.

Toggle to enable camera, mic and screen recording

  • Sharing your camera and mic allows the Researcher to see your facial reactions to their app or website, and hear you speak your thoughts out loud.
  • "Allowing" camera recording is optional.  Just remember, you can't enable your camera again, once the session begins.
  • You must "allow" mic recording and Screen recording to proceed.
  • Tip! Before you enable screen recording, remember to close any apps or websites with sensitive info (like passwords etc), that you may have open on your phone, as Participate records everything that's displayed on your screen. 
  • Then swipe the toggle button beside 'Screen' and click 'Start now', followed by 'Next'.

The Participate Hand icon

  • During the test, the small 'Hand icon' will allow you to access your Researcher's test 'Instructions'  or 'Pause/End the test'.
  • Tap 'Open setting' to grant permission to display the small "Hand icon" on your screen. 
  • Flick the toggle button and 'Allow' the 'Participate Hand icon' to be displayed over apps.
  • During the test you can gently slide the 'Hand icon' aside, if it's in your way.
  • Now...  just slide and tap the 'Hand icon'  to start your test.

Time to test!


  • Tap 'Instructions' for your Researcher's tasks and instructions
  • Tap 'Pause Session' to Pause or End the test.
  • Tap 'Hand icon' to be taken to the screen below.

If you've been asked to test a website or a url-based prototype...

  • Tap 'Landing Page' to see the website or prototype you'll be testing 

If you've been asked to test an App or App-based prototype...

  • Navigate away from the 'Participate App' to the App you're required to test. 
  • Remember to keep Participate App open in the background, though!

Either way follow your Researcher's instructions, to carry out the test. 

You can tap the the "Hand icon" if you'd like to revisit the Instructions' or the 'Landing page'; or if you'd like to 'Pause/End the test'

Upload your test

  •  When you've completed your test, just tap the  'hand icon'.
  • Then tap "Pause Session" and "End Session" to end recording.
  • Not done, just yet! 
  • Tap 'End Session' again to submit your completed test to the Researcher.
  • Important! : Wait till you see the stars (below) and the Researcher's message. This means your test recording has reached the Researcher. 


  • If not, your participation will not be acknowledged and you may not get the incentive from the Researcher.

Now are you are officially  'Done'. 

You can close the Participate App, the Browser and any other Apps you may have used during the test.

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