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The very first step as a participant to a self-test using an Android device is to receive an email with a link inviting you to take part in a research project. The email will typically explain the research project and provide you with specific tasks that are expected from you as you complete the research.

Setup & Install

Once you have clicked on the link, this is the first screen you will see. It is simply asking you to install the "Participate" app if you haven't done so already.

Installing the app

If you need to install the app, you will find it in the Google Play Store. If you can't seem to find the app in the Google Play Store, it could possibly mean that your device is too old or maybe not compatible.

Begin the self-test

Once the app is installed and opened, you click on the "Participate" button to start the test.

Participate - Introduction Page

You are now entering the app and you can access the terms of use and privacy policy if you wish to! Press the "Next" button in the bottom of the screen to move forward.

Identification screen

Enter your name and email address in the corresponding fields.

Enabling microphone and camera

This next screen prompts you to activate your microphone and camera. You don't have to but it is strongly encouraged in order to provide all possible insights for the researchers.

Once you have enabled the microphone and camera, you can click on the "Next" button at the bottom of your screen.

All Set

You are now introduced to the "Participate" bubble that will follow your movements as you complete your self-test. You always have the option to move it if you find that it's in your way! It will also allow you to stop your test by pressing on it when you will be done!

As you press the "Start!" button at the bottom of your screen, you will be prompted with an Android window message informing you that your screen will be recorded. You press "START NOW".

Begin the actual Self-Test

You will now be automatically taken to the page or app on which you are expected to complete the actual test. 

Stop the test

To stop the recording (test) you can either click on the bubble or swipe down on your device screen to access all your notifications from which you will find the Participate app. You can simply tap on it to stop the recording.

Are you sure you want to stop?

On the next screen, you will be provided with the option of either resuming your recording or to end it.

Final decision

If you choose to end your recording, you will be asked to press the blue button to upload it. You always have the option to delete this recording and start over if you feel you need to by pressing the bottom red button.

You are all done!

Congratulations! You have completed your self-test and the recording is uploading! It is important that the "Uploading recording" screen is turned into a screen called "Awesome. Your session is uploaded" and that you do not disconnect from WiFi during this period until that screen is visible, or else your participation will not be acknowledged and you may not get the incentive from the company. 

Click here for iOS devices.

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