Enabling SMS/Text Notifications

Learn how to enable SMS notifications to be notified when a participant joins a session.

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With Lookback, the Participant will always initiate a session, including moderated sessions. Sometimes you may have your focus on something else and want to know when your participant is ready to start the session. Lookback can send you an SMS/Text message to alert you when a participant has arrived for their session.

These notifications are for moderated sessions only and are set at the project level. This means that when you enable SMS notifications for a project, you will be notified when any participant from any moderated (LiveShare or Interview) round in your project has arrived.

Setting up SMS Notifications in Lookback

  1. Find & open the project for which you want to enable SMS notifications

  2. On the Project page, click on the settings (gear) icon at the top right

  3. Scroll down until you see Project notifications and toggle the slider to the on position

  4. If you haven't yet set up your phone number in your user account settings, you can do so here

    1. Click on Select country and find your country & country code

    2. Enter your mobile phone number in the space indicated

    3. Click Save. You should now receive a short, sample message from Lookback

When a participant has arrived for your session, you'll receive a text notification like this:

Deleting or changing your mobile phone number

  1. Click on the menu at the top right, then click My account

  2. On the User Settings page, scroll down to the bottom where you'll see a section for your Mobile Phone Number

    1. To remove your phone number completely from Lookback, click Delete then Yes, delete to confirm

    2. To change your phone number, click Change then Save to confirm the change

  3. Change the country code (if needed) and enter your new mobile phone number in the space indicated and click Save.

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