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What a suspended user account is and how to fix it
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If a team member in a Lookback organisation is suspended, that team member will see the screen below when trying to access the dashboard.

This means:

  • you can't watch sessions in the dashboard

  • you can't access projects and rounds in the dashboard

  • you can't visit Member or Organization settings

In short a suspended team member won't be able to access any Lookback data or perform any Lookback actions at all.

Why suspended?

The Suspended status is a way to restrict access to Lookback data for a limited time, to keep a team member's user account within the Lookback organization rather than removing it. If a team member will be temporarily inactive, if an external stakeholder was added as team member only to collaborate in a particular, now ended project, and the team member is likely to collaborate again in the future, just to mention a couple of possible scenarios, the Suspended state may be useful.

Who can suspend/unsuspend and where is it done?

Any team member on a usage-based (limit-based) subscription plan (Team, Insights Hub) and the Owner or a Collaborator on a license-based subscription plan (Enterprise, Pro (legacy), Starter (legacy)) can suspend an active team member, and similarly make a suspended account an active member again. This action is carried out in the Members section โ€“ click the drop-down menu (top right) in the dashboard and select Members.

If I'm suspended and want to get unsuspended?

If you see the "Your status is Suspended" screen when trying to log in to a Lookback organization, and believe you should have access to a Lookback organization, just get in touch with the owner of that Lookback organization and ask her/him to set your status back to Member again.

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