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What happens to deleted recordings?
What happens to deleted recordings?
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When a project or recording is deleted from the dashboard, it becomes inaccessible to you as a user, but the recordings are kept on Lookback's primary systems for 30 days. This is to facilitate restoration in case it was an accidental deletion.

In addition, we keep backups of all recordings for another 90 days. This means it's a total of 120 days before the recording is permanently removed from all our systems.

I accidentally deleted a recording, what do I do?

If you deleted a project or recording by accident, you can contact our support team and we'll check if it is possible to restore the recording and any associated Findings. To do so however we'll need some information from you.

Please sign into Lookback and send us this request via chat. Try to include as much as possible:

  • The Recording ID/URL

  • The name of the session, or at least part of the name. (If it's a finding that is significantly different from the session name itself, please include both names.)

  • Date and approximate time it was recorded (please include your timezone)

  • Date and approximate time it was deleted (please include your timezone)

  • Whether the recording had any Findings associated with it that also need to be restored

If you don't have all of the information above it's ok - this information just makes it easier for us to help you as quickly as possible.

If it's more than 30 days after the recording was deleted, we will not be able to restore a recording. Although this restoration process is often problem free, even with recordings deleted within the 30 day timeframe, it may not be possible to restore a recording for a variety of reasons.

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