When a project or recording is deleted from the dashboard it becomes inaccessible to you as a user, but the recordings are kept on Lookback's primary systems for 30 days, to facilitate restoration in case it was an accidental deletion.

In addition, we keep backups of all recordings for another 90 days. This means it's a total of 120 days before the recording is permanently removed from all our systems.

I accidentally deleted a recording?

If you deleted a project or recording by accident, feel free to ask support to restore it for you. Although this restoration process is often problem free, we don't make any promises, sometimes it's just not possible, for various reasons. Which is why we strongly recommend that you don't delete anything unless 100% sure.

Furthermore, later that 30 days after the recording was deleted we will not be able to restore a recording (which is again not to say restoration within 30 days is always possible). This time limit, within which it might be possible to retrieve deleted recordings, might also be reduced.

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