First things first:

  • Have the participate link ready that the Researcher provided you to join the session. Keep it open in a window as you may need to access it more than once. It should look something like 
  • Make sure you are on a strong WiFi Connection
  • Grab some headphones (wired preferred) with a built-in microphone so that the audio is clear. It is best if you do this before the session starts, not during.

Just before the scheduled time:

  • Click (tap) the participate link that the researcher sent you.
  • If you are using Participate for the first time (it is not downloaded onto your phone), you will be asked to "Install Participate" app on your iPhone/iPad from the App Store.

In the App Store select GET to install the app for the first time or the cloud icon to download it again:

Once it has downloaded you can tap OPEN button from the App Store installed the Participate app, you'll be asked to reconfirm that you've been invited to a Research Session. Click "Yes".

Then go back and tap the Participate link that the researcher sent you again. It will automatically open in the Participate app this time. If you have already downloaded Participate prior to the session, tap "I already have Participate."

By choosing "Participate" you agree to record and upload your experience. Our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy are available for you to review. 

Grab a headset!

It's important to do this before the session starts. Headphones with a built-in microphone will help reduce background noise. Wired headsets are preferred to Bluetooth. Tap Skip once you have done this

Tell us who you are

Fill in your name and email address. We don't do anything with this information. It goes to the Researcher once the session is completed.

Allow Notifications

This is only so we can alert you if something technical goes wrong with the session. You can skip this step if necessary. We won't send any push notifications otherwise.

Turn on your camera 

Opt-in to share your camera with the Researcher. This allows them to see your face and reactions to their design. You'll be able to see their face too. If you do not want to share camera, you can decide to skip. However, you will need to restart a new session if the researcher prompts you to enable your camera.

To record your screen

Follow instructions 1 through 4: view a more detailed walk-through here

  1. Select the Participate 4 app. This is the intended app that will capture the screen recording during the session. Participate 4 will only record the screen during the session, once you exit the app there will not be any further audio or video recording.
  2. Turn your microphone on. If the microphone is enabled and on it appears in red. This is good! If the microphone is disabled and off it appears in grey. This needs to be red in order to continue. 
  3. Start Broadcast. This starts the session recording. The Screen Recording icon will count down and go from white to red. This will take a few moments.
  4. Once the recording has started, dismiss window by tapping out on the grey section of the screen. 

Once you have remembered the flow, 1-4, then tap I understand:

Here's a video reminder of that flow 😄

Now you're set. The Researcher / Moderator will be notified that you're ready and waiting!

Soon the Researcher / Moderator will call you. Just tap to answer.

Voilà, now you can see the Researcher/ Moderator on your screen. And they can see you on their screen!

You can always end the session by tapping the red icon on your clock to hang up:

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