Owners and Collaborators can access all previous billing history and receipts from the billing settings page.

To download past receipts as PDFs, Owners and Collaborators can:

  • Click the dropdown menu on the top right corner of the page
  • Click 'Billing'
  • Click 'View Receipts'
  • Click 'Download PDF'.

Need to add more details to your Billing Receipts?

If you would like additional details such as Company Name, address and VAT Number to be added to your past/future Billing Receipts, the 'Owner of your Lookback Org' can:

  • Log on to Lookback
  • Send us chat message clearly specifying:
    - Which (month's) Billing Receipts need to be amended
    - Additional details to be added to your Billing Receipt

Once we receive the above request we will amend the Billing Receipts accordingly and (re)send the Billing Receipt(s) to the Registered Billing Email Address on file.

Need to change the billing email address?

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