On Thursday December 20th 2018, we're removing the Inbox tab from your dashboard at lookback.io. The All Recordings view provides the same functionality, so we decided to simplify the interface.

The history of the Inbox

Back in the ancient times of 2013, there were no Projects in Lookback. That feature was announced in 2014, and it looked like this:

Notice the Inbox is the center of attention here.

Back then, recordings weren’t automatically associated with a project; you had to do all the organizing yourself. The inbox made sense, like an email inbox that you could organize into different folders.

Fast forward to today's dashboard:

The Inbox sitting just above its more popular twin 'All Recordings'

Because recordings are automatically sorted into projects, all nice and organized, the Inbox has outlived its usefulness. We’re striving to keep your dashboard as simple and usable as possible, so it’s time to say goodbye.

Farewell, Inbox, old friend. We will always look back with love.

As always, please let us know your thoughts and feelings about this. Your feedback is the best!

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