Lookback offers ways to provide information to participants– for both moderated and unmoderated tests.

When creating a project in Lookback, you will have the option to create welcome, tasks, and outro messages that the participant will see before, during, and after a study recording session. You can choose one message type or use all three options. It's up to you. You can also edit/update existing messages on the project settings page.

1. Welcome Message

Enter a welcome message the participant will see before starting the recording session.

Here is what the participant will see.

Welcome Message (Desktop view)

Welcome Message (mobile view)

2. Tasks

Provide instructions to the participant such as what to test. They will see this screen during the study session.

Here is what the participant will see.

Tasks (Desktop view-minimize window)

Tasks (iOS mobile view-click yellow hand icon to view)

3. Outro Message

Here is where you can enter a link to a survey or provide additional instructions for completing the study session to the participant. 

Here is what the participant will see.

Outro Message (Desktop view)

Outro Message (iOS mobile view)

Rich Formatting of Messages

Read our text formatting article on how to make your messages bold, italic, or attach links and images.


Welcome/Intro Messages

  • iOS
  • Desktop
  • Android

Tasks Messages

  • iOS
  • Desktop

Outro Messages

  • iOS
  • Desktop

We're working on bringing messages support to Android. Stay tuned!

Fallback for Android

If you'd like to give Android users questions, we recommend sending them to the participants in your email or attached as a PDF and then asking them to open up the PDF/email post-test and responding to them one by one or print out and follow along while testing.

If you don't want participants to see all of the questions at once, you could create a Google Form and list each question on its own page and have a yes/no response on the form so they can check "yes" after they respond to the question in the recording.


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