It's important to understand that unless you are conducting a live session, participants need to follow a couple steps in order for a session to be uploaded to your Lookback organization. Read more below!

Self-Test: What You Should Know

With Self-Test, files are always saved locally on the participant's device while the session is happening. After a session ends, to upload the session the participant must:

  1. Click "Yes! Upload it!" to start uploading the session. They should not opt to delete the session unless they want to redo the session for some reason.
  2. Keep the Participate app or Chrome Website open in the background until the session reaches 100% and shows a confirmation message similar to "Awesome! Your experience was uploaded!"

Once the participant sees the message saying the experience has been uploaded, the session has successfully transferred from their computer / phone to Lookback's servers.

Live: What You Should Know

On Chrome Live, sessions are saved directly to the Lookback server while the session is happening. This means nothing is ever saved locally on the participant's computer, and thus the participant can immediately close the browser as soon as the session is over.

Once a Chrome Live session is over, the recording simply needs to be processed on our servers before you're able to watch it.

What happens if the participant closes the Participate app / extension while a session is still uploading?

Closing out of the Participate app / extension doesn't risk the loss of the recording, it simply pauses the uploading. As long as the participant doesn't entirely delete the app or extension from their device, the session is still saved on the device.

To resume uploading after closing Participate, the participant should click on the Participate link again. This will re-trigger the upload.

Other Things to Note

  • On mobile: make sure the participant's device is connected to WiFi. By default, recordings don’t upload via cellular. If a participant wants to upload using cellular data, they can select "Or upload over cellular" on the uploading screen.
  • If a recording gets stuck for an extended period of time, you can quit out of the Participate app / extension and click on the Participate link. Doing so will re-trigger the upload.
  • Sometimes plugins/extensions/etc. like Avaast (Antivirus software) can interfere with uploading sessions.

Participant Communication Templates

We've created some nifty email templates you can use when communicating to participants what they need to do to get set up before a session and to ensure the recording successfully uploads after a session. Check them out here:

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