What is Instant Sign-Up?

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Instant Sign-Up is something you can enable that lets everyone with a certain email domain join your organization after they verify their email. 

This means when someone with your approved email domain(s) is sent a link to a recording, project, organization, all they need to do is verify their email and then they will be added to your organization and can immediately view the content they need on Lookback.

Example: Julia enables Instant Sign-Up for the domain @uxresearch.com and then shares a session with her colleague Joe, who doesn't already have a Lookback account but whose email address is joe@uxresearch.com. Since Joe's email domain matches the approved domain, as soon as he verifies his email he can immediately watch the session he was sent.


Individuals must first verify their email before they can join your organization. This ensures that individuals joining your organization actually have an email address from one of your approved domains.

Enabling, Disabling, and Configuring Instant Sign-Up

You can configure and turn Instant Sign-Up on or off at any point from your Members page. You can get there by clicking on the dropdown in the top right of your dashboard and selecting "Organization settings." 

When creating a new organization, Instant Sign-Up is by default toggled on and can simply be toggled off on the Invite Members page during sign-up.

Instant Sign-Up is by default toggled off for organizations that already existed before the launch of Instant Sign-Up (before August 2017).

Default Domain

By default, Instant Sign-Up uses the email domain of the user who enables it. 

Changing or Adding Domains

You can change to a different domain or add additional email domains from your Members page. 

Default Role

Individuals who join your organization through Instant Sign-Up are automatically Observers. You can promote Observers to Collaborators through your Members page. If you don't know the differences between Observers and Collaborators, you can read more here.

Generic Email Addresses

Generic email domains such as gmail.com, hotmail.com, and more. aren't eligible for Instant Sign-Up for security reasons. If you have one of these domains, you can enable Instant Sign-Up for a different domain by visiting your Members page.

FAQ for Instant Sign-Up

What happens if I send someone a link to a private project and I have Instant Sign-Up enabled?

If someone without a Lookback account is sent a link to a private project and Instant Sign-Up is enabled, they can access the private project after verifying their email.

Who in an organization can enable/disable Instant Sign-Up?

Collaborators can enable and disable Instant Sign-Up for their organization.

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