While attempting to moderate or join a Live session via the Lookback website you (or your participant) may have been warned that there is a possible connection issue. 

In some cases, simply refreshing your browser can restore connectivity. Alternatively, you can change network or wifi connection and try again. If this doesn’t help, you can run a diagnostic test using the Stream Doctor tool.

What is the Stream Doctor tool?

We have created a special tool to test your (or your participant's) network connection on desktop only using the chrome extension (results indicated are relevant for mobile too, if on the same network).

Click on the Stream Doctor link below to run the test and if any of the tests fail have either your IT team, or the participant's IT team review our documentation on troubleshooting firewall issues. If you're still unable to use Live after getting the test to pass (all green check marks), please contact our support and send us the technical details from the test.

Stream Doctor tool:


Let us know how the diagnostic process goes for you!

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