There's so much value you get out of watching and taking notes on recordings of individuals using and discussing your product, but we also know you're a busy person. So here are some tips:

Add time-stamped notes

You can add a time-stamped notes to the recording by clicking on the note icon on the right side of the player or by hitting the Enter key.

Make sure to @mention your teammates so they will get notified and can know to read and reply to your note.

Notes will show up below the recording video in the Notes tab, as well as appear on the green timeline as you watch a recording:

Adjust the playback speed of recordings

There are two ways to do this. One is by clicking the clock on the left side of the player and dragging the slider to change the speed:

The shortcut way to do this is hitting Shift ↑  (upwards arrow key) to increase the speed and Shift ↓  to decrease the speed.

Miss something or want to skip ahead?

You can use the  and  arrow keys to skip backwards or ahead by 3 seconds. To skip faster, hold down the arrow key longer or hit the arrow key multiple times.

Between changing the playback speed and skipping in 3 second increments, you can speed through recordings pretty quickly. For example, you could speed up to 2x by hitting Shift ↑ , and if you miss something hit Shift ←  a few times to go back, then Shift ↓  to decrease to 1x speed for the segment you missed, and then finally Shift ↑ to speed back up again.

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