Sure. If you only want to test with a small subset of your users and don’t want to make your app bigger for all of your other users, you can make Lookback optional, and distribute a special test build of your app to your testers using TestFlight or similar tools:

  1. Instead of using LookbackRecorder , use NSClassFromString("LookbackRecorder")  
  2. Instead of using LookbackParticipate, use NSClassFromString("LookbackParticipate")  
  3. Create a new build configuration for your app, called “Testing” (in addition to “Debug” and “Release”)
  4. In your Podfile, do pod "Lookback", :configuration => "Testing"  to make CocoaPods only link Lookback in “Testing” builds
  5. In Xcode’s Scheme Editor, set the Archive scheme to use the “Testing” build configuration
  6. Build & Archive
  7. Submit your beta app to iTunes Connect
  8. Send this build to your beta testers from the iTunes Connect web site
  9. Let your participants know that they will have to manually install this version of your app before they click the self-test or live link that you send them
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