There are a few ways to share content on Lookback. We try to make it easy to share with colleagues, while at the same time we recognize content is typically private and needs to be kept secure.

Only Lookback members can view content

All viewers of content must be members of your Lookback organization.

To add someone as a member in your Lookback org:

  • Log in to Lookback
  • Find the dropdown menu next to your name (in the top right corner of the page)
  • Click 'Members' in the dropdown menu
  • In the 'Members' page, fill in the email address(es) of those you'd like to invite and add them to your organization as members.

ProTip! If you are on the Starter Plan, Pro Plan or Enterprise Plan, you can also decide if you'd like to add these members as Collaborators or Observers.

  • This will automatically send an invitation to them to sign up to your organization as members. Once they sign up, they'll be able to view the content you share!

1. LiveShare Sessions

You can easily invite a Lookback member to observe a LiveShare session (Remote and In-person) by sharing the observer/project URL. Live sessions will show up at the top of the project view.

Or you could also share the in-session URL with a Lookback member once a LiveShare session is active.

Pro Tip! Remind Lookback members to observe LiveShare sessions on a desktop or laptop via Google Chrome on a strong wifi connection.

2. Previously Recorded sessions and Highlights

You can easily share previously recorded sessions (including SelfTests) and highlights/snippets by sending the relevant recording URL to anyone in your organization.

ProTip! If your subscription plan allows it, you can choose to download combined video of your recording. Combine recordings merge the audio, screen and face video into one easily viewable video file.

3. Sessions within Private Projects

If a project is private, you also need to make sure the intended viewers have been added to your private project through the project settings .

A Note on Privacy

When you invite Lookback members to view sessions, they can access all your projects and sessions.

If you want your members to access just a specific project and no other project, you'd have to make all your projects 'Private Projects' and make sure the specific member has been added to the required private project as well.

This is especially recommended when you invite an external stakeholder (such as a client).

The Private Project feature is available under the 'Pro', 'Team' 'Insights Hub' and 'Enterprise' Plans.


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