Oftentimes researchers want to use an external camera and/or microphone instead of their built-in option. On Lookback, you can connect an external camera or mic on desktop. We currently don't offer a way to use an external mic or camera when recording via a mobile device.

Below we explain how to configure an external mic or camera.

Lookback Remote LiveShare or SelfTest for Desktop

If you're recording using the Chrome Extension, meaning you are using Lookback Remote LiveShare or SelfTest, then go to chrome://settings/content and then scroll down until you see Microphone and Camera. If you have an external mic or camera connected to your computer you should be able to click the drop-down and switch to your preferred method from this screen.

In-Person LiveShare

If you're using the In-Person LiveShare from the dashboard, you can change the microphone and camera settings from within the starting page:

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