Starting with Participate 2.5.0 for Android and Participate 4.9.0 for iOS ⸺ both expected to launch around October 4, 2022 ⸺ the in-app browser will behave more like the mobile browsers your participants are used to when a Landing Page exists in a SelfTest, LiveShare, or In-person Round.

Illustrates the current Participate app dashboard with a Landing page button, versus the new app dashboard, with a Browser button

What's new?

  1. We’ve completely removed the Landing page label from the mobile app dashboard, replacing it with the more user-friendly Browser

    • You will still see the Landing Page term in the Round editor

    • Participants will see a Browser button whether a landing page exists or not

      • before the update, participants only saw a Browser button for Rounds without a Landing Page

  2. When a Landing Page exists in the Round

    • the browser will load the Landing Page when the browser first opens

    • if the participant closes the browser (to check instructions, to pause the session, to see the moderator), reopening the browser will open their last-visited page

      • this is the key behavior change. In the past, closing and re-opening the browser reloaded the landing page, erasing the participant’s progress and forcing them to start over

        • this behavior was particularly confusing for usability testing and feedback sessions involving multiple pages

      • just like standard browsers, participants can access previously-visited pages using the browser's back button

If having your participant repeatedly visit the same page is important...

You can add the link to the Instructions field in the Round editor for easy access.

Which Round types will be affected?

  • This change affects SelfTest, LiveShare, and In-person Round types where a landing page exists

  • Participants using apps older than Lookback Participate 4.5.0 for Android and Lookback Participate 4.9.0 for iOS will not experience this change

  • If you’ve set up any Rounds to deal with this particular browser quirk, we suggest either creating new Rounds and sharing updated participate links, or editng the existing Rounds for the new behavior

When will my participants experience this change?

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