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Troubleshooting issues with joining a Lookback Organization
Troubleshooting issues with joining a Lookback Organization

What to do when invite to join a Lookback organization isn't working.

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If you have issues joining an existing Lookback organization, it is most likely caused if an invite to join a Lookback Organization is sent, but a user account is created independently (i.e. the invite is not used to create your user account). This scenario can also arise if the invited user has started creating their account but never finished (e.g. didn't verify their email address).

Scenario 1: A user account was created (or the process was at least started), but the user can't log in.

  • If the affected user started setting up their account, but is not able log in to Lookback at all, this likely means their email address has not yet been verified.

  • Please have them check for a verification email from Sometimes this verification e-mail is misrouted, so the quickest way is to go to an All emails folder (if you have one) and search that folder, or check mail folders like Spam, Updates, Promotions, Campaigns.

  • In some cases, your email system may have additional security that could prevent the emails from getting to the user's inbox so also check with your IT team.

  • If the verification email cannot be located, please have the affected user reach out to our support team at so we can verify the account.

  • Once the account has been verified, proceed to the Resolution section below

Scenario 2: A user account was fully created and the user can log in, but they just can't accept the invite and join the organization

In this scenario, it just means our system doesn't recognize the user account email address and the invite sent as being the same, even though the email addresses match. No other steps are required for the user account verification, just follow the steps below:

To resolve this, please take the following steps:

  1. Ask the person who sent the invite (or any collaborator in the system) to delete the pending invite. This can be done from the Members section of your Lookback organization's settings (your reach it via the drop-down menu, top right):

  2. Send a new invite to the same email address

  3. The user clicks on "Accept Invitation" on the new invite email

  4. Now that the user account is verified and working, if they are already logged in to their Lookback user account, they should automatically be added to the organization. If they are not currently logged in, they should be taken to a screen prompting them to log in:

❗️ Note: If instead the user is taken to the screen below, the team member should click on "Log in here" and NOT try to create a new account.

Once the above is completed, the user account is

  • a team member of the Lookback organization

  • listed as a team member on the Members page

  • able to access everything according to their user permissions.

If the issues persist, the affected user should reach out to support directly, either using the blue chat bubble in the lower, right-hand corner of the screen (preferably when logged in, if possible) or by emailing us at from the email address that was used to create the user account.

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