At Lookback we aim to support as many mobile devices as possible. However, due to the vast array of Android devices out in the wild we can’t vouch that Lookback works on every single device.

Known Issues

We have received reports of issues with camera or screen recording for a few devices:

  • Huawei P8 lite
  • Huawei P9
  • Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime
  • Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime
  • Lenovo K6
  • Lava Pixel V1 
  • Samsung 8

In addition, we have received reports of issues streaming the front-facing camera specifically in Live with the following devices:

  • NVidia Shield Tablet

Finally, the following devices sadly don't work with Lookback Live yet:

  • Nexus 5x
  • HTC M8

If you have issues with any devices not mentioned on this list, please let us know.

One more thing to note is that screen dimming software (like Lux) can cause problems with any screen recording app.  Please disable this app if you intend to use Lookback.

Devices that have successfully recorded using Lookback

Successful Mobile Devices - updated Jan 2019

Please note because operating system updates occur all the time we are not able to fully guarantee these devices will work in your environment.

We aim to fix as many of these reported issues as we can so we can shrink the number of devices that don't work with Lookback. Thanks for your patience 🙏

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