While Lookback might contain bugs, this is likely not one of them. Lookback installs hooks into your application automatically when you start it up. These hooks are in place but inactive even when you are not recording. Hooking into the system like this is called “swizzling”. One of the methods we swizzle is -[UIApplication sendEvent:], which is the method that receives all touch events to an application, among other things. Since -[UIApplication sendEvent:] is at the bottom of the stack for basically anything that ever happens in your app, it will appear as if GFlookback_sendEvent is causing any crash that doesn’t happen directly inside your application code. 

A crash in this method likely means that UIKit has crashed due to an assertion failure, and the crash is completely unrelated to Lookback. Your console log will then have more information about this crash.

If you do believe that you have a crash that is caused by Lookback, let our support know with a stack trace and console output and we’ll fix it as soon as we can!

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