It takes some time for recordings to upload from your device to the Lookback dashboard on our website. This is especially true for lengthy recordings and in situations where you may have a patchy or slow connection. 

Below are a few tips that can help ensure a recording successfully uploads. Please note, all of these tips should be done on the participant's device, not the moderator's (if there is a moderator):

  • If using Live or Self-Test, make sure the Lookback Participate app or Chrome extension is open. If the app or extension was closed, ask your participant to click on the Participate link again. You can have the app or Chrome in the background, but it needs to be running for the uploading to complete.
  • Make sure the device is connected to WiFi. By default, recordings don’t upload via cellular.
  • If the recording gets stuck for an extended period of time, you can quit out of the Participate mobile app or In-person desktop app and restart. This will not cause your recording to be lost.

If one of your recordings is still having issues, please contact our support with the following information:

  • URL of the recording (we won’t watch your recording, we just need the link so we can locate the recording on our server)
  • Device participant was using
  • Device moderator was using

We apologize if you have been waiting a while for your recording to upload. We are always working hard to make upload speeds faster and faster!

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