Overview of the Lookback Slack App

You can add our Lookback Slack App team’s Slack channel so you can know when new projects are created and when new members join your Lookback organization.

This is what you will see when someone creates a new project:

Note: If you are creating a private project, your Slack channel will not be notified.

Setting Up Our Slack App

To begin, visit your organization settings by clicking on the account dropdown menu in the upper right of your dashboard, and select Integrations.

Once you're on the Integrations place, hit the Add to Slack button.

Follow the steps on the Slack website: log in and pick your team and channel which you want us to post to. Hit Authorize and you should be taken back to your team settings at Lookback, and see your newly added integration!

Great work! You're all set 🎉

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