What is Instant Sign Up?

Instant Sign Up allows anyone with an email address that belongs to a specific email domain to instantly join your Org without additional authorization.

Why are we discontinuing the Instant Sign Up feature?

It's all about more security and privacy.

We have made improvements to both our pricing plans and our product in an effort to encourage more team collaboration across the Lookback platform, and with more collaboration comes a greater need for and focus on security and privacy. So we’d like to make sure that you have the opportunity to hand-pick who becomes a part of your Lookback Org and who accesses the valuable and sometimes confidential research within your Org.

So what does this mean?

This means that those individuals with an email address that contains your email domain will no longer be able to automatically join your Lookback Org.

In order for a team member to join your Org, they will need to be invited to join which is done from your Members Page. Note that for Enterprise plan customers, team members may also join your Org via SSO.

ProTip! Want someone to join in and watch a LiveShare session? Just remember to invite them to your Lookback Org `in advance.

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