We’ve been working hard to improve the experience of taking notes, creating highlights, and collaborating with your team during moderated live sessions (LiveShares) and on playback. We’ve implemented lots of the feature improvements you’ve been asking for, and are ready to release the Beta version of our new Player.

What can you do with the new Player?

IMPORTANT: some features available during Beta might eventually be limited to certain plans or roles.

  1. Take notes and chat with your team in the new session feed, side-by-side with the video

  2. Filter the session feed to see only what you want to see

  3. Create highlights during LiveShares, as well as on playback

  4. See highlights on the timeline during playback

  5. Save highlights to your Round Dashboard

  6. Edit timestamps to easily share the right moment with your stakeholders

  7. Transcriptions!

How to try the new Player

During the Beta period, you can enable the new Player after joining a live session or watching an older session by clicking "Try the new Player” in the session window.

  • the change happens per session, and will not affect other sessions

  • the change happens per session, which means your team members will also view the session in the new Player

  • you are free to change the session back to the old player at any time (unless you’re observing an in-progress LiveShare, see below)

  • important: any highlights made while using the new Player will not be seen in the old player. Don't worry ... the highlights will persist, and be visible when switching back to the new Player. You’ll always have the option of saving highlights from the new Player to your Round Dashboard

During a LiveShare

  • the moderator should switch to the new Player before calling the Participant

  • any team member joining the session will see the new Player

  • the moderator can switch back to old player mode at any time

  • important: the moderator will control the player mode for the rest of the session. If they switch back to the old player, the session will update for all team members in real time

While watching an older session

  1. use the button at the top of the session window to switch to the new Player

  2. use the same button at any time to switch back to the old player

Remember: the change happens per session, which means all team members will see the session in whichever player mode you select

  • important: if you switch modes while another team member is viewing the session, their browser will refresh and load the new Player

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