1. Download Lookback SDK

Download the Lookback SDK and unpack it into your project's folder, so that the folder lookback resides in the same folder as your Xcode project.

2. Add Lookback's framework to your project

Pull  Lookback.framework into your project. If you plan to use the live streaming feature, also pull in LookbackLive.framework .

In the dialog box:

  • Don't copy items into destination group's folder
  • Do choose to create groups for any added folders
  • Make sure that your main app target is selected

3. (Optional) Add LookbackLive

The above steps will prepare your app for self-testing-recording, but not live streaming. To add support for Live, you need two additional steps:

3a. Link with LookbackLive

In addition to Lookback.framework, also drag LookbackLive.framework into your project, choosing to not copy, to create groups, and to add to your main target.

3b. Link with LookbackWebRTC

LookbackLive depends on a fork of the project WebRTC, which is distributed through CocoaPods.

To find the latest version, see the CocoaPod of LookbackWebRTC, click "See Podspec", and follow the link to WebRTC.zip under source.http.

The zip file will contain a WebRTC.framework — copy it into your project's folder.

Drag the framework from your project folder into your project, and again, choose to link with your main target, without copying items.

3c. Link with SocketRocket
Lookback Live depends on the third party library SocketRocket, 0.5.1 or newer. Please follow their installation guide to get SocketRocket into your app.

4. Import from Bridging Header

If you're using Swift, you need to import Lookback from your bridging header before you can start using the Lookback APIs.

If you don't already have a bridging header in your Xcode project, just create an Objective-C file in your project, and Xcode will ask you if it should create one for you.

Once the bridging header is created, you can just delete the new Objective-C class.

To your new MyApp-Bridging-Header.h , add this line, and you're done:

#import <Lookback/Lookback.h> 

5. Disable Bitcode

Lookback uses Google WebRTC, which doesn't support Apple's Bitcode. Your app will work with no penalty without it, so you can disable it in your build settings:

6. Embed framework(s) in your app bundle

In the Build Phases tab, press the + button to add another Copy Files build phase. Rename it "Copy Frameworks", and set its Destination to Frameworks. Add Lookback (and LookbackLive, if you're using it) to this build phase, and make sure code signing is enabled.

7. Configure Lookback Participate

Awesome work so far 👍. Next, it's time to configure Lookback Participate!

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